Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Snow Peak

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

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SKU: SCT-004
WEIGHT: 16 g/0.6 oz
SIZE: L 16.51cm W 4cm/L 6.5" W 1.6"
BEST USE: On The Go Backpacking Camping

Designed in Japan using a historic manufacturing process, the Titanium Spork has been an icon since its launch. Durable, lightweight, and versatile, use the spork anywhere, whether you’re eating at home or outside. The Titanium Spork is available in blue, purple, and green anodized titanium. Pair the Titanium Spork with a Titanium Trek Bowl or Ti-Double 450 Mug.

FEATURE  Lightweight Titanium Everyday Use Item
MATERIAL  Titanium